Software Podcast: The Future of Dentistry

What will happen as technology continues to rock the dental industry? Will the ADA's prediction on the increase of group practices change the office management for dental practitioners? What does the future of dental technology hold? Mike Uretz asks Bill Jackson of Planet DDS what he expects, and … [Read More...]

Getting the Meaningful Use Incentive through Clinically Useful Dental Software

Dental Products Report talks with Mike Uretz about the kinds of questions dental practices need to ask to make sure that software vendors provide clinically useful software to obtain the meaningful use incentive funds. Some software vendors are using smoke and mirrors to get dental practices the … [Read More...]


Planet DDS offers dental practices revenue cycle management tools

In medicine, revenue cycle management is a standard feature that increases the speed and likelihood of insurer and patient payments to the dental office. In dentistry, this is a relatively new feature, and one that Denticon, by Planet DDS, offers. What does that mean for a dental office? What are … [Read More...]


Greenway Acquisition of MediaDent to Support Dental and Medical Health Information Exchange (HIE)

I remember sitting in a workgroup meeting  on software vendor interoperability about a year ago wondering why we were just discussing interoperability of dental images between dental vendors and not the longer-term goal of interoperability of patient records between dental and medical providers. … [Read More...]


Is your dental software vendor using a “smoke and mirrors” approach to selling meaningful use?

  There is a lot of confusion in the dental software industry regarding the electronic health records incentive program and meaningful use that most dental providers and office managers are not aware of. Some dental software vendors are utilizing a "smoke and mirrors" strategy utilizing … [Read More...]

Involving the Whole Practice in Software Selection

As a believer in the team approach to dental software and electronic health record selection and implementation, I am constantly on the lookout for stories of practices that have had issues because they did not follow a proven process. Doing things the right way, the first time, saves stress, energy … [Read More...]