His contract and price negotiation services were well worth it

Prior to contacting Mike we had completed the process of selecting an EHR vendor. But when we were to the point of signing the contract with the reseller representing our chosen EHR, one of our selection committee members who had known Mike from their previous work together suggested we run their proposed contract past Mike before signing anything. I’m certainly glad we did. Mike found several areas of big concern regarding the contract. As the reseller was extremely stubborn regarding making suitable changes, Mike discussed the issue with the EHR Vendor and received agreement to work directly with the vendor instead of their reseller in Missouri.  Mike quickly began negotiating directly with the EHR vendor and managed to get a suitable contract that spoke to our interests and provided assurances that really made us comfortable. Throughout this whole experience, Mike was very on-target, flexible, and really helped move the process along in a quick manner. The bonus in all this, in addition to a solid contract, is that Mike was able to negotiate for us considerable price concessions and savings from the vendor. I’m very glad we contracted with Mike to do this for us. His services were well-worth the expense to us. Mike also understands computer tech talk and knows how to relate to IT folks and bring everyone to the table.  Out of this experience, we learned that it’s not uncommon for health centers like us to accept and sign contracts that do not adequately protect their interests. Mike is also customer-service oriented, and I found working with him a real pleasure.

Don McBride  CEO