Mike met our every expectation

During a statewide seminar attended by our Vice President of Administration, Michael Uretz made a very provocative presentation as to how to “dot the i’s” and “cross the t’s” in every EHR contract with which you deal. As we approached the deadline for selecting our electronic health records system as well as contracting with an outside IT services group for our software and hardware needs we contacted Michael. Noting the sense of urgency, within a short period of time we had a review session, detailed cost factors and a results mechanism for evaluation of individual progress, with Michael meeting our every  expectation. When we compare and contrast the detail of the contracts that we have now implemented, the additional protection, and tasks to be completed by both parties, the cost savings more than justified the expense of the Michael’s services. It should be clearly understood that both of the organizations that we were negotiating with had excellent and very tough representation on their side of the table.  However, Michael was able to obtain everything we needed for our protection.

 John P Kolb Jr. President/CEO