Your presentation alleviated fears associated with EHRs

I want to convey our sincere appreciation for your superb presentation at our Annual EHR Workshop. As you know, our 4,000 members have being very receptive to our efforts to offer EHR programming to assist them with the journey towards the purchase of electronic health record systems. Your presentation at our event stimulated interest and alleviated fears associated with this technology. Your   program as so well received that our leadership and members asked that we specifically invite you back. Your program presentation on Electronic Health Records: Vendor Selection & Contract Negotiation is excellent. As we continue to reach out to our members to assist them, we know your expertise and advice will continue to help Florida’s providers make the right decision about health information technology. Again, thank you for your professionalism presentation and thoroughness. The facts and information you present on the topic of EHR helps practices make the right decision the first time.

Tad Fisher
Executive Director