Marshfield Clinic: Integrated Dental and Health Records

Marshfield Clinic covers the state of Wisconsin with hospital, clinic and dental offices. They saw 376,708 unique health patients and 30,680 dental patients in 2010. In 2008, they integrated their health and dental records in an online, share-able interface, using CattailsMD and CattailsDental, allowing crucial information to move between the systems.

This allowed clinicians to share information about diabetes, periodontitis, current medications, preventative care and to start studies on the relationship between oral and systemic diseases, the Oral Systemic Research Project (OSRP) Microbiome-Genome-Phenome Initiative.

This presentation below (downloads as PDF) has demonstrations of the user interface and the types of data shared. It also contains the results of surveys asking what medical practitioners want to see from dental records (mostly, oral health status and treatment plans). The successful clinical outcomes at Marshfield offer great hope for all clinicians.

Lessons Learned:

  • Ambulatory and oral EHR integration is absolutely possible.
  • Dental practitioners want to see oral health status and treatment plans recorded.
  • Complex patients benefit from multiple health practitioners being able to see their data.

Acharya, Amit. (2011) Dental Informatics at Marshfield Clinic. Translational Key Function Committee Meeting, Nov 2nd. (downloads as PDF)