Dental System All Smiles with EHR

Kool Smiles provides dental services to underserved communities in many areas throughout the United States. So when they were able to implement an electronic health record (EHR) system utilizing thin-client computing applications that would be efficient as well as cost-effective, they were all smiles.

“With its superior virtual client infrastructure, as well as workflow, and records management practices, Kool Smiles employees are able to do more in less time, making it possible and cost-effective for the dentists to provide care for families” (2009).

Thin-clients utilize a data center server that provides HIPAA compliant security with the data therefore protecting a patient’s information. Additionally, all network practitioners can access a patient’s information from any participating dental provider. Patients can receive appropriate and treatment knowing their history will be available to the provider.

Lessons Learned:

  • EHRs via thin-client server applications may be a viable cost-effective option for dental practices.
  • System is HIPAA compliant and secure since no data or information stores in office computers.
  • Hardware maintenance costs may be reduced.
  • Return on investment possible since cost saved in hardware, software, IT support, and maintenance.
  • Exam rooms equipped with dual monitors for reviewing patient information including digital radiology effectively.
  • Staff and providers have immediate access to information and can follow patient’s appointment progress.

Anonymous. (2009, Aug.) Wyse Technology; Kool Smiles relies on Wyse Technology virtual clients to improve patient care and security of electronic health records (EHRs). Life Science Weekly, p. 2941.