Pacific Dental Service and the EHR

Pacific Dental Service (PDS) serves many dental offices throughout the western United States. They provide the operational and business side so dental practices can better serve their patients. Having incorporated electronic health records (EHRs) in all of their affiliated offices, the business of taking care of patients has become more successful and effective. Upgrading to electronic records is proving beneficial in many ways. According to Lance Rygg, DDS, one of PDS’s dentists:

“Using EDRs has been such an advantage in running my practice. Ultimately, I was pleased that PDS offered my office the opportunity to make the transition to EDRs so that I can open a chart and study it from any workstation in my office. The time I would have spent locating my patients’ charts can now be allocated to treating the patients themselves. Of course, the fact that EDRs are environmentally friendly, require less storage space, and are backed-up in the event of an emergency are also great benefits.”

Providing the business side of the dental practice, PDS made sure the implementation and transition to EHR was efficient and effective. Additionally, the return on their investment was greatly improved in the form of generous revenues.

Lessons Learned:

  • Some EHR software mimics the traditional paper chart, which can be user-friendly
  • Combine the best technology with the best operational practices.
  • EHRs make patient records precise, secure and immediately available.

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