Robust, Integrated Dental and Medical EHR

Dr. Richard Kraut, Chairman of the Department of Dentistry at Montefiore Medical Center (New York) discusses in this video his reasons for selecting QSI Dental for their electronic health record (EHR).  After careful market review, he is confident in his selection of this software. The vendor has a reputable 30-year history of providing information technology solutions. Longevity was important to Dr. Kraut and the medical center for future growth.

Dr. Kraut cites the robustness of the software to integrate data across eight dental facilities, as well as with the medical center. Patients can be confident that their records will be available wherever they seek care.  Also, the company provided all training personnel throughout the incremental implementation process.

In particular, Montefiore Medical Center chose QSI Dental as their partner in for electronic dental records for these reasons: the ability to customize, it is best suited for multi-specialty practices, the over 30 years in this area, the ability to have a sufficiently large implementation team for multiple offices, and a billing system that is robust.

Lessons learned:

  • Find out about a vendor’s history and track record.
  • Vendors should provide essential training personnel.
  • Select an EHR that meets your organization’s particular needs.
  • An integrated EHR may work best for a large medical and dental center.

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