Benefits of Cloud Storage for Dental Images

The first 30 minutes of this video by Dr. Lavine goes over the changes, benefits and side effects of using the cloud to store dental information. Many practices already use web-based practice management software, but store images and radiography locally. But if you’re storing 20 photos a day (not a large number!), that adds up quickly to 30 MB a day of images to store. That becomes massive over the course of a year, or a decade!

Dr. Lavine also highlights the safety of cloud storage. Cloud storage providers must meet a certain level of governmental security standards. Compare that to the server in your broom closet, or the data your hygienist carries around the office on a clipboard, setting it down to go to the bathroom or when she goes on an errand. In addition, hardware liabilities and time spent cleaning, moving, storing, upgrading and thinking about hardware are all reduced. However, dentists need to identify software that is HIPAA-compliant and meets security needs not just for federal technology standards, but also for the practice’s legal liability.

The video then goes on to discuss one particular product (Curve Dental), but the main points in the introduction are key to all dental practices considering cloud data storage.

Lessons Learned:

  • In many ways, dental data is safer in the cloud than in the office.
  • Cloud storage saves costs for digital dentistry, where images are numerous and have large file sizes.

Lavine, Lorne (2012) “Imaging in the Cloud.” Vimeo.