Military Ambulatory EHR Includes Dental

The military’s ambulatory electronic record system (EHR) has expanded to include dental services throughout 377 dental clinics nationwide. AHLTA, which stands for Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application, has been successful in the outpatient setting serving millions of military personnel, retirees, and their families. The video highlights the benefits of the inclusion of the dental EHR. No longer having to rely on paper records, the electronic record can assist the military in providing health and dental care regardless of location. Additionally, military personnel on the frontlines are served through AHLTA Mobile, a handheld device and AHLTA Theater, a configuration of the EHR that serves as a connection from deployment areas.

In the future, it is the intent of the military to integrate its ambulatory and dental AHLTA EHR system to its inpatient electronic records, CliniComp. AHLTA serves as the “backbone of the Defense Health Information Management System” and will expand to the “capability of getting all the data from the inpatient and outpatient sides and integrating it” (2011).

Lessons learned:

• Dental EHR eliminates paper records and benefits patient care.
• Paper records migrated to EHR after first visit.
• Integrated ambulatory and dental EHR for mobile society.
• Dental EHR better for tracking and documenting patient histories and current needs.

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