How Clinical Software Assists Case Presentation to Patients

Once clinical software that focuses on patient dental problems and needs is in place, what else is possible? Dental EHRs that contain robust clinical information allow multiple uses of that data. One potential use, explored by Justin Moody in the article cited below, is to enhance case presentation to discuss treatment options with patients. In particular, Dr. Moody uses exported clinical images to discuss treatment options and increase patient understanding of treatment goals and possibilities:

“It is always good to have technology, but it’s great to have technology that can be personalized for each patient with very little effort. Especially with implant planning, one of the focuses of my practice, the program shows patients that I am committed to doing this procedure right, and that my equipment is state-of-the-art.”

Dr. Moody finds that this personalization of information increases patients’ confidence and chance of following through with treatment. In fact, he says they “feel compelled to do something about it.” Capturing clinical data in an EHR thus improves his overall bottom line.

Lessons Learned:

  • Clinical data in an EHR allows multiple uses, including enhancing patient understanding and compliance with treatment.
  • Digital radiography can be very convincing to patients, demonstrating current and projected states and increasing follow-through with treatment.

Moody, Justin (2011) Personalizing the practice with more digital tools. Dental Economics, 101(10): October.