New Dentist Happy with EHR

Dr. Pooja Khurana, a dentist that had just purchased her first dental practice, shares her approval and satisfaction in using electronic records. In this video, she gives us a short, succinct tour of some of the capabilities of the dental software combined with digital radiology software.  All staff has EHR access regardless of what computer station they are using and therefore can monitor all patients as they progress through appointments. Processes are more streamlined and overall efficiencies are improved.

Lessons learned:

  • EHR streamlines processes with dental software and digital radiology interfacing.
  • Dental office can be essentially paperless.
  • Schedules, EHR, and digital radiology accessible from any computer terminal.
  • Treatment plans can be created more effectively.
  • EHR improves insurance reimbursement processes since all required information including patient records and x-rays can be submitted electronically.
  • Digital x-rays no longer printed saving time, energy, and other resources.
  • EHR reduces redundancies such as duplicate printing of x-rays.
  • EHR improves the dental practice financially.


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