Dr. Eric Batres: EHR is “Wave of the Future”

Dr. Eric Batres is a family practice physician with ERB MedCorp from Los Angeles, California. As you can see from the video, he approves using an electronic health record (EHR). He clearly sees the benefits of practicing medicine as well as improving the delivery of health care. He narrates the video highlighting care in action so the viewer can see the immediate benefit of using an electronic record. He especially recognizes the return on investment with utilizing an EHR in terms of greater organization, improves timeliness of providing care, and therefore providing better more effective patient care. He cautions about the importance of having an excellent support team of trainers from the vendor to increase the efficiencies of using the technology.

Lessons learned:
• The return on investment with using an effective EHR is almost immediate.
• He is better organized and less stressed.
• All patient information and phone encounters can be better handled.
• Physicians can provide care almost anywhere including “while in the car.”
• He highly recommends group of expert supportive trainers to be available 24/7.

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