EHR Success with Regional Extension Center Assistance

When should a practitioner seek assistance in software implementation? When is the Regional Extension Center a useful contact? John O’Neill Jr., DO, FACP is the owner of Bayview Internal Medicine, a small private practice located in Middletown, Delaware. In these two videos, he discusses his practice’s challenges and benefits of implementing a new electronic health records (EHRs) system.

In part one of this two part series, Dr. O’Neill discusses the assistance provided by the Delaware Regional Extension Center. He stresses their guidance in the selection and implementation of their EHR was a major part of the success of the new system.When dental practitioners are selecting software, the local REC may be an excellent resource.

Part two focuses on the actual implementation and the benefits associated with his solo practice. He highlights the advantages of using an EHR and the improvements to patient care as a result of having patient information accessible and available immediately. While he says the total process was challenging, it was well worth the effort and “wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Lessons learned:

• Regional Extension Centers can provide assistance to private practices seeking to implement electronic health records.
• Despite challenges, EHRs are worth the transition to improve the delivery of patient care.
• Some EHRs allow for providing patient care remotely.
• Paper based chart system inefficient and difficult to obtain information, such as lab results in a timely fashion.
• Electronic prescribing module in EHR allows for immediate medication list reconciliation and electronic faxing.
• EHR improves communication between physician, staff and patients.

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