EHR: The Computer is Your Office

This article and video demonstrates the delight of Dr. Cox in using an EHR. From his office at the Kneibert Clinic in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, he can access patient information as well as conduct private patient phone encounters. He says to “think of your computer as “this is your office”.” He carries his laptop to his office as well as to exam rooms to provide patient care. While he shares his lack of computer use at home, he says he would never be without it at work. For him, using an EHR has allowed him to be a doctor doing what he loves: caring for his patients. It has allowed granted him more freedom since communicating via the Internet with computers. The increased office efficiencies and staff cooperation has improved his practice. He claims that even at his age, anyone can continue to learn new technologies!

“Try EHR-Give it a fair chance; You’ll never go back to paper again” (2012).

Lessons learned:

• Treat your EHR computer like your office.
• EHR improves efficiencies.
• No longer sifting and reviewing paper charts.
• Pharmacy prescriptions typed versus printed reducing legibility errors.
• Included pharmacy software checks for medication compatibility reducing adverse drug events.
• Immediate access to patient information.
• Can conduct more effective phone encounters.
• Establish good supportive staff.

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