Small Practices Benefit from Convenient Online EHR Training

Smaller medical and dental practices have a tighter budget. Transitioning and implementing an electronic health records (EHR) system is an expensive time-consuming major process that can interrupt the delivery of patient care. That interruption also adversely impacts the practices financially. Though the EHR implementation is necessary, highly encouraged, and probably required, the initial cost could cause financial hardship for the practice.

There is, according to Dr. Andres Himenez of CEO ImplementHIT, a solution for these small practices whose time is very valuable. Check out the following:

Lessons learned:

• Self-paced online training may be better for small practices for EHR implementation.
• Productivity levels are impacted less by the EHR implementation when physicians can still deliver patient care while in transition.
• The physician’s practice can serve as the experiential training center.
• There is less out-of-clinic training for the physicians and staff.
• Training can be from pre-implementation to achieving meaningful use at the physician’s convenience.
• Adverse financial impacts are less with in-office learning.

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