A Prototype Touch-Screen Dental EHR

This video is a demonstration of a touch-screen dental electronic health record (EHR). It was designed by master’s degree students as a Human-Computer Interaction Capstone project at Carnegie Mellon University located at Pittsburg, PA.

“The project is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Dental Informatics (CDI), part of University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. CDI is one of the top research centers for dental informatics. In particular, our project clients include Assistant Professor Thankam Thyvalikakath and Associate Professor and CDI Director Titus Schleyer , both experts in the field” (2008).

This ambitious project highlights some of the possibilities for future dental EHRs.

(Screenshot courtesy of DMDProject.com)


Lessons learned:

  • Touch-screen full-color EHR gives the dental provider clear, concise patient information.
  • Periodontal charting history accessible.
  • This EHR allows some interactivity such as drawing on radiographs.
  • Individual teeth can receive proper examination and care more effectively.
  • Photos can be zoomed in and out for better viewing.


Made by Sam Hashemi, Jaanus Kase, Jackie Weber & Elliott Williams

MHCI Capstone Project 2008 • Human-Computer Interaction InstituteCarnegie Mellon University