Digital Radiography Improves Patient Comfort, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Dr. Ann Fishel is a cosmetic dentist from Houston, Texas. She is very pleased with the high level of care she can provide since using digital radiography. Panoramic imaging allows her to view all of the patient’s teeth. She uses intraoral photography and is able to obtain images that can be manipulated for better viewing of individual teeth.

Also, by using small sensors for imaging, patients with a sensitive gag reflex are more comfortable. The digital images can be saved in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) for future care and processing.

“This is great because it allows me to see any cracks or lines that develop on the teeth. It’s a good way for me to communicate with you as well. So you can feel more comfortable about the treatment that you’re going to need.”

Lessons learned:

• Digital radiography can improve diagnosis and treatment.
• Small imaging sensors are more comfortable for sensitive patients.
• Digital images easily enhanced for better visualization.
• Digital images can be stored in the EHR.

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