Electronic Claims Promotes Paperless Dental EHR

Implementing new technologies is intended to improve workflow and help dental practices run more smooth and efficiently. The dental office that incorporates lean processes will see many positive results from less redundancy in completing tasks to a nice return on investment. Paperless claims can be a great way to achieve lean production.

“Lean production involved doing more with less by eliminating the things your office does that cost you time and/or money. It might be something as simple as replacing paper-based insurance claims processes with electronic-based claims processes” (2011).

Better efficiencies in the practice’s business and workflow allow dental professionals to focus on the care of their patient’s. Including a leaner, electronic claims system in the practice management (PM) software and electronic health record (EHR) further promotes an all-inclusive, consistent and complete patient information center that is securely transferable, accessible and accurate. This system is also completely paperless!

Processing dental claims for patient care is easier with an effective electronic claims system when linked to the EHR. All dental documentation including radiological studies is readily available from one source. Also, patients receive much needed treatment sooner rather than later because electronic claims processing are faster.

Lessons learned:

• Electronic claims linked to EHRs improves processing patient information.
• Patients may receive care sooner rather than later with improved efficiencies in electronic claims transactions.
• Offices become more paperless as more electronic processes are incorporated such as EHRs integrated with PMs with electronic claims technologies.

Moore, R. (2011, Spring). MDA; creating a lean dental office: the benefits of implementing electronic claims technology. LDA Journal; 15-16.