Florida Dental Group Embraces Digital Radiography

This dental group from Delray Beach, Florida uses digital radiography and finds many advantages. The patients receive safer and faster diagnosis since the x-rays are available quickly once the image is taken, while the patient is still present to discuss symptoms and procedures. The environment is protected better without the need to use film and processing chemicals.

And the digital x-rays become a part of the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) for current and future care.

“Digital x-ray technology enables more efficient diagnosis and treatment because it provides a large, easy-to-see image and it allows us to make adjustments and see details in the x-ray images. The digital x-rays can then become part of your dental record and be easily emailed to specialists and insurance companies.”

Lessons learned:

• Digital radiography is safer and faster than traditional film methods.
• Digital radiography sensors are more comfortable for patients.
• X-ray images can be taken more quickly simply by moving the sensor from tooth to tooth.
• X-ray images available immediately on computer monitor.
• Digital radiography images become a permanent part of the patient’s EHR.
• No chemicals are used in the processing digital x-rays therefore safe for the environment.
• Very little radiation exposure required of digital radiography.

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