X-Rays and Intraoral Images in the Dental EHR

These videos are tutorials that demonstrate managing X-rays and intraoral images in the dental electronic health record (EHR). Part one of this two-part series shows the ‘chart tab’ of an EHR and walks the user through including radiological imaging into a patient’s record.

“The Chart tab on the patient document allows for a visual reference of the patients teeth. This tutorial explains the use of x-ray icons on the chart and how to attach x-rays or intra-oral images to a particular tooth. The concept of the chart filmstrip is discussed and adding and removing x-rays and intra-oral images is demonstrated.”

Part two of these videos continues the series on managing X-rays and intraoral images. The narrator shows the user how to annotate and edit radiology imaging for inclusion in a patient’s EHR.

“The power of annotations, which allow a user to add comments to specific areas of an intra-oral image or x-ray, is discussed. The zoom feature allows for fine details of an image to be annotated. Adding, editing and removing annotations are demonstrated. Printing, with or without annotations, is reviewed as well as exporting the image.”

Lessons learned:

• These videos offer an example of the dental EHR.
• Radiology imaging is readily accessed for patient care.
• Radiology images can be annotated and edited.
• Radiology images with annotations can assist with insurance processing.
• The EHR is more complete with documentation and radiology imaging immediately available for patient care.

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