Integrated Medical and Dental EHRs in Singapore

This video highlights the success of the National Dental Centre of Singapore’s (NDCS) established dental electronic health record (EHR) system in combination with Singapore’s Health Services. It offers a full range of oral health services to over 150,000 patients a year. The health minister is happy that their health system was able to improve its utilization of IT services.

“With electronic system, the dentist can access critical information about patients and this includes patient’s medical history, test results and drug allergies.”

Additionally, Dr. Koh Chu Guan, Senior Consultant, Periodontics Unit of NDCS, states:

“Patients often give us a very sketchy medical history. Very often, the medical condition that the patient has does affect our treatment. I can now get easier access into the shared medical records.”

Lessons learned:

• Shared EHRs between medical and dental improves patient safety and treatment plans.
• EHRs improve access to medical and dental information.
• EHRs increases treatment exam rooms by eliminating paper charts in medical record departments.

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