Integrated Phone and Practice Management Systems Improve Communication

Phones are a valuable piece of hardware, but they don’t get much attention. However, phone hardware’s importance has not gone unnoticed by one company, Weave, which designs phone systems that integrate with dental practice management software. Working in sync with the practice management (PM) software allows the office staff and dental professionals to better monitor patients’ needs for dental care.

In the article cited, Dr. Dalin, interviews Brandon Rodman from Weave about the functionality and features of his company’s phone system. He describes that from the time of receiving or making a call, a pop-up window will appear that will assist the office staff or dental providers in completing the call. Information from the integrated practice management software and electronic health record (EHR), if available, is immediately visible to the staff member.

“The software window that pops up will provide a high level overview of who you’re talking to (name, family members, age, patient status, last visit, insurance provider, remaining benefits), a log of your recent communication with that patient and/or household, the ability to schedule follow-up communication, and a task list that shows you what needs to be accomplished on the phone call” (2012).

This phone system exhibits intuitive-like behavior which makes communication with patients easier and more effective. It is essentially a computer that looks like a phone. Also, since this phone system syncs with the practice management software, statistics can be generated regarding office activities. The office is able to create lists about scheduling, financials, the number of calls and an accountability of staff workflow.

Lessons learned:

• Phone systems integrated with practice management systems improves office efficiencies.
• Staff and dental providers can better communicate with each other and patients with a phone system with built-in tasks, such message-taking and scheduling service.
• Patient appointments can be better monitored with an automatic pop-up window with all patient information.
• Statistical reports can be created to monitor office workflow efficiencies.
• Make sure phone system can integrate with electronic health record to further improve communication and care with patients.

Dalin, J. B. (2012, June). Interview with Brandon Rodman from Weave. Dental Economics, 102 (6); 19-21. Retrieved from July 28, 2012.