Web-Based Dental Software Upgrade Easier

Imagine that the dental office is running perfectly. The software is great; the staff is happy with an office that runs smoothly. There comes a time, probably more often than expected, that the offices practice management (PM), electronic health records (EHRs), and other software programs will need to be upgraded. Upgrades can be dreadful, time-consuming, and above all else, just plain annoying as the article cited below implies.

Needless to say,

“When an upgrade arrives, the doctor often puts it on the shelf and leaves it to sit there until he or she feels enough time has passed for all of the bugs to be worked out. Further frustrating the doctor is one of two things–the upgrade may not offer any substantial improvements for the doctors, or the upgrade may provide badly needed procedure code updates or other features but the doctor isn’t comfortable installing the upgrade.” (2011)

The above description is what could happen with traditional CD software. All of that can be avoided by using web-based dental PM and EHR software systems. Software-as-a-service provides many benefits that make it very attractive to the dental professional. Upgrades take place behind the scenes, often unbeknownst to the dentist. The vendor manages the system so it continuously has the latest updates. And the doctor spends almost no time, energy, or additional expense to keep abreast of recent technological changes. Web-based software upgrades are less hassle, and does not require the provider to upgrade or change hardware.

“With web-based dental software, the user never installs software, let alone upgrades. Every time the doctor or staff uses the software, they use the latest version of the software” (2011).

Lessons learned:

• Web-based software packages for PM, EHRs, and other dental programs may be more beneficial for the dental office.
• Web-based software is less hassle and generally does not require hardware upgrade.
• The vendor manages upgrades and updates as part of the software package.
• Dental providers always have access to the latest version of the software.
• Software upgrades occur behind the scenes.

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