DentiMax: User-Friendly for One Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Schults is a pediatric dentist with a private practice in Mesa, Arizona. Though he is familiar with dental software, he was new to DentiMax. Through recommendations from colleagues, he decided to give it a try. He has no regrets and shares his experience with other pediatric dentists.

“Obviously, for me in the clinical side, the charting is very easy to use. I like the quick features that we can put in the entire treatment plan chair-side and not have to write it down first and then add it into the computer.”

DentiMax is integrated throughout his office making it easy and efficient to communicate with his staff. Also, digital radiography interfaces and utilizes small, comfortable sensors that children can better tolerate.

Lessons learned:

• DentiMax software can improve the dental practice’s efficiencies.
• The digital sensor is successful for taking digital radiographs.
• DentiMax allows integration of office technologies.

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