Make Practice Management Software and Digital X-ray Integration a Priority

As a state-of-the-art dental practice you can set yourself up for successful integration of digital x-rays, touch screens and other technologies by first adopting a major practice management software vendor with a good reputation for providing support. Ask questions, plan ahead and have an IT consultant on board before implementing a paperless practice. The author, an IT consultant, has seen practices make the mistake of scanning all existing files and overloading their systems. Instead, pick a date, and go paperless from that point forward.

Once you have a robust practice management system in place, you can begin to integrate other software. If you have not incorporated digital x-rays with your existing practice management system, make that your priority.

“Half of the dental industry has already integrated its paperless workflows with digital x-ray technology. “

By having an integrated systems you will be able to access radiographs from any computer screen in the office.

With solid practice management and digital imaging systems, you will find that incorporating technologies like check-in kiosks and touch screens, regardless of their financial benefit, will improve quality of life for you and your staff.

Lessons Learned:

  • Adopt a major dental practice management system that allows integration with emerging technologies.
  • Hire an IT consultant and plan ahead for implementing a paperless office.
  • If you have not integrated digital x-rays with your practice management system, it’s time you did.
  • A paperless workflow will add to quality of life for you and your dental office staff.

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