Carestream Logicon provides Dental Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support for dentists in the form of caries detection has received a great deal of publicity in recent months. Carestream recently introduced the Logicon Caries DetectorTM Software version that seamlessly integrates with Carestream imaging software.

While there is no substitute for a thorough oral exam, caries detection technology adds evidence based quantitative methodology to previous qualitative diagnostic capabilities, as described here:

“Using detection and classification algorithms, Logicon Software automatically highlights possible abnormalities in dental radiographs, calculates the probability that decay is present and recommends whether a restoration should be considered. Results are displayed based on a database of histological validated caries. The software extracts image features and correlates them with a database of known caries problems.”

Specifically, Logicon automates the interproximal surface scan of all bitewing radiographs and immediately displays results for consistent quality of care. Results are displayed in a simple format that facilitates the explanation of treatment recommendations to clients.

Lessons Learned:

  • Dental clinical decision support functions such as Carestream caries detection provide automated improvements in production and quality of care.
  • Caries detection technology is a decision support system to consider for your practice.

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