Generating Dental Practice Management Reports that Improve Productivity

Many dental practices adopt start-of-the-art practice management software without the expertise to know how the information they are entering in their system can come back out in the form of useful reports. What data should a dentist be analyzing to understand and improve practice management metrics?

If consultant Lois Banta has one message in the article cited below, it is to not invest in a practice management system without the proper training. Data entered correctly has unlimited potential to improve a practice’s bottom line, if one knows how to use it.

These six reports are ones Banta recommends running on at least a monthly basis, if not daily:

  1. Accounts Receivable Aging Report – This gives credit and debit balances, and allows providers to determine if old balances are even worth continuing to track.
  2. Outstanding Insurance Claims Report – Longer claims end up costing the practice more.
  3. Accountant Earnings, or Adjustments Report – Tracks insurance adjustments or courtesy services provided.
  4. Production by Provider Report – This can be tracked for both doctors and hygienists. Hygienists typically produce 30% of the practice total.
  5. Production by Code Report – Tied with other information this allows providers to track prevalence and time needed for given procedures.
  6. Treatment Plan Acceptance Rate Report, or Case Acceptance Report – This should typically be around 85%, and when broken down further, it allows practices to track the value of new patients.

Finally, tie financing to your practice management system so patients have immediate and secure options for pursuing treatment. Using the kind of reports described here, dentists can make the most of their practice management data and glean returns on software investment.

Lessons Learned:

  • Make sure you are properly trained to utilize the reports in your practice management system.
  • Know what reports to generate and examine them on a regular basis.

Banta, L. (2011, Winter). How your software system can increase your productivity or . . . you mean my software system can really do that??? American Association of Dental Office Managers: The Observer, 30-31.