Dentrix Open to 3rd Party Developers

Currently one out of every four dentists in the United States uses Dentrix practice management software. While many of the smaller vendors interface easily with other innovative technologies, the top practice management vendors, such as Dentrix, have been faulted for their lack of interoperability.

As dental technology blogger Dr. Larry Emmot points out:

‘”For various reasons, the major Practice Management System providers have for the most part resisted open practice management systems that encourage the development and integration of various third party applications to enhance our use of technology. “’

This is changing as version 5G of Dentrix 5G supports the development of approved third party applications for access to its new encrypted and secure SQL database. This is coupled with an updated mobile application interface for Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom tablets. Just a few of the over 40 authorized developers currently working with Dentrix are Dexis, Planmeca, and Sirona digital imaging systems. Compatible applications will be designated as “Dentrix 5G Connected.”

This suggests an interoperable future where practice management software supports digital imaging and electronic health record information exchange.

Lessons Learned:

  • As the demand for interoperability increases, a top practice management software vendor has started to explore open platform options using a limited number of authorized developers.
  • One out of four dentists currently uses Dentrix, but past versions are known to lack good interoperability with other systems.
  • Interoperability is likely to be an evaluation criteria for those evaluating practice management software in the coming years.

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