Carestream Accommodates Varied OMS Provider Entry Styles

Many multi-doctor practices find that one of the barriers to adopting and sustaining a chartless office is accommodating the note-taking styles of various providers. Austin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Austin OMS) choose Carestream EMR Elite because it:

“streamlines the multiple ways in which practice professionals capture patient medical records and facilitates the transition to a chartless practice.”

The system is able to accommodate different doctor note-taking styles and facilitate the speed of recording through the use of customizable templates, a built-in word processor, auto-completion of patient information, and the ability to incorporate template specific, frequently-used phrases called “snippets.”

Austin OMS has 10 offices in Austin, TX. They began implementing Carestream EMR Elite WinOMS CS when in the process of opening a new practice. That practice than served as a training facility for the other offices. Austin OMS set up a two month training schedule with the assistance of both a consultant to assess workflow, and a Carestream trainer. Implementation took place in steps, utilizing diverse teams and a few early adaptors to test and resolve issues before complete transition.

The goal for going paperless was mainly improved quality of practice and life. Office manager Ruth Whitehurst says:

 “We certainly save time checking for charts and treatment charge entry, but it’s invaluable to have patient information available at your fingertips. And by going paperless with EMR-Elite we have clean desks, and that promotes a sense of calm.”

Lessons Learned:

  • When implementing electronic records across multiple providers and offices, choose a system that facilitates speed of input and can be customized for individual provider entry differences.
  • Implement a chartless system in phases over a 1-3 month period. Test various parts of a system first with a limited number of doctors and staff to work out the kinks.
  • By making the ultimate goal for going paperless improved quality of life you will insure that everyone is happy.

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