Techy Dentist Prefers Open Dental Software

Dr. Marvin is a general practice dentist and a techy one at that, according this video. That said, he prefers to customize his practice management (PM) and electronic health records (EHRs) software programs to meet his dental office’s needs. He has had a paperless office for several years and has used other software in the past. Yet, those other programs wouldn’t let him design and create his own system. Open Dental allows this and despite his initial trepidations with open source software, he has been happy with his decision.

“When something is open source that means it’s open for developers to develop and make it better. And I really like open source software programs because the stuff is not proprietary; you’re not so dependent upon the manufacturer to things really well.”

So while open source software is generally free, Open Dental has a $149 fee to allow for updates, forum participation and copyright protection of some of the code specific to the ADA.

Some of the features of Open Dental that Dr. Marvin likes include charting, accounting and treatment planning. Also, it integrates well with other software programs so it can grow and expand for future needs.

Lessons learned:

• Open source software for PM and EHR is a viable option for practitioners that are more technologically skilled.
• Open Dental allows for developers to customize the code to fit their dental office’s needs.
• Open source software is generally free and intended for future development.
• Open Dental can be an inexpensive alternative to the larger PM and EHR software companies.
• Open Dental updates frequently keeping users abreast of changes.

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