Networking Computers for Efficient Care: Case Study of The Clay Center

Clay Center Family Dental Care started small and now has seven operatories. For the past ten years, they’ve worked with Henry Schein for technical improvements and software. One of the key considerations for Clay Center was “integrated and fully tested offerings” that they believe have, over time, “optimized their systems’ performance and increased uptime and operational efficiency.”

Another key reason was the lack of downtime promised for Dentrix: “We simply can’t afford to have our systems go down,” said a Clay Center representative.

Choosing a technology vendor has several key considerations. For this dental practice, reliability was absolutely key–both in stability and integration of software and lack of downtime. The importance of choosing a vendor that’s right for a particular practice is also emphasized by the Clay Center:

“Most dentists believe in doing dentistry right the first time,” Dr. Hammel says. “Redoing procedures is unproductive and expensive. The same is true for technology investments.”

The Clay Center also found that networking their computers together was key to their overall digitization and successful use of electronic records. Connecting data was as important as having it. Use of smartphones and login solutions from home or on the go allow the dentists to make decisions when emergencies arise, catch up on work in the comfort of their home, and confirm information without having to go to the office. Networked computers and online access were what transformed their data into usable information.


Lessons Learned:

  • When choosing a technology vendor, think through your top priorities. Access, reliability, customization and compatibility are common considerations.
  • This practice found that connecting data across computers and personal devices made for usable information for decision making.
  • Efficiency and quality of care were both improved by choosing the right software.

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