Henry Schein and Exan: A Trend?

Henry Schein, makers of Dentrix practice management software, recently acquired a majority interest in the Exan Group, the biggest software distributor to dental schools.

The Exan Group has made a name for themselves with electronic dental records, ranging from dental schools to large, private practices. Exan is the major provider of EHRs to dental schools. The clinical record is the focus of their software, and it is timely focus given the oncoming meaningful use focus.

As Titus Schleyer puts it, “With the purchase of Exan, Schein ‘owns’ the dental school market overnight. While other software offerings are suitable for and in use in some dental schools, the barrier to entry in the dental school market has always been very high.” This positions Henry Schein for training the next generation of dentists.

Titus Schleyer has another key point:

“As many of you know, dentistry and other healthcare providers were not really written into the original HITECH legislation. However, both Schein and axiUm have meaningful use-certified products that are now being implemented according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. This will enable dental schools and other dental care providers to participate in the Medicare/Medicaid incentives for EHR adoption. This should make dentistry more a player in how electronic health records are used in general in the future.”

That’s the most important realization of all–with appropriate software available, dentists can begin to benefit from and participate in meaningful use. Health data exchange can start to recognize the primary clinical role of dentists, in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many systemic conditions.


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