Features of Effective Practice Management Programs

“The most effective computer software will be a system… It will automate your scheduling, call and remind your patients of their appointments, reschedule future appointments or referral to colleagues. Superior dental practice management software will merge your patient clinical records, your clinical notes and the patients accounting records” (2012).

The above is just a beginning. Dental practice management (PM) software can do as much or as little as you need for your dental practice. The main point is practice management programs are supposed to improve your dental offices’ efficiencies so you can be the dentist first and then the business manager. The dental office will run smoother, more efficiently and effectively with PM that does the work for you. And you will find it cost effective as you and your staff becomes proficient with all that the software has to offer.

“Most dental practices realize that the off the shelf computer software programs can help them schedule appointments, billing, charting and therapy plans, was well as some insurance management. On the other hand, most dental practices are not employing their practice management software program to track referrals, to initiate return visits with patients, patient education, patient records and clinical patient notes” (2012).

Whether a practice decides to go it alone by self-installing a simple software package or gets a fuller package through a vendor, practice management software is designed to assist your everyday practice needs. However, with the current environment of practice management software and electronic health records (EHRs) working together to become more digitally communicative, working with a vendor may lead to ongoing growth and digital development, including incentive payments from meaningful use. Use them to their fullest capacity to gain the most benefit, and select a practice management system that fits with your existing hardware and workflow. Specialized dental offices will want to closely examine the billing and procedure codes in the practice management software, and all potential users will want to be informed about integration with insurance estimates and tables. These features can provide actionable decision-making information and increase communication with patients as well as understanding of financial outcomes.

Other features to look for in dental practice management programs include mobile integration, collections, email communication, patient portals, online form completion, and patient education applications. Your dental office and the way you practice dentistry can be transformed with effective practice management programs.

Lessons learned:

  • Review and evaluate practice management programs to find the one that best meets your dental practices’ needs.
  • Evaluate the features of the PM software to make an effective informed investing decision.
  • Learn the practice management program for to become proficient and productive.
  • Effective practice management programs will help your office develop effective workflows, increase efficiency and improve communication between staff and specialists.

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