Benefits of CBCT

Cone beam computed axial tomography, or CBCT can be described as a multi-tasking radiography machine. With everything this machine can do, dental professionals can examine and evaluate just about anything related to the teeth and gums, including the whole mouth. CBCT has many benefits that can be appreciated by dental professionals for improving their patient’s oral health.

The CBCT scanner is conveniently small and scans take less time to conduct. The images produced offer improved clarity and can be two- or three-dimensional. With the cone shaped beam, and hence the name, individual teeth or specific areas of the mouth cavity can be targeted for imaging. Dental diagnosis is improved and therefore treatment planning is more effective.

“Dental cone-beam CT scanning has a wide range of uses in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontic surgery, restorative work and implant planning. It can also have applications in skull trauma and reconstructive cases” (2011).

CBCT technology can be integrated with the patient’s electronic health records (EHR). As part of improved overall health, the dental record is more complete using high quality digital radiography equipment.

Lessons learned:

  • CBCT is a convenient and safe way to obtain two- and three-dimensional images.
  • CBCT can take better images of individual teeth and more specific gum areas, allowing improved diagnosis.

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