Protect Your Dental EHR Software

Transitioning your dental office into a more highly technological, efficient, and smooth running operation is a major investment that will affect how your office practices both now and in the future. Simply selecting the hardware such as computers and imaging equipment, and the software, such as practice management (PM) and electronic health records (EHR) is not enough. Once all the implementations are in place, software will need to be updated with the latest upgrades, protected from unwanted threats like viruses, and maintained and backed up so it will run fast and smooth. Dental software purchased off the shelf or open source that does not include protection, updates, support, and maintenance may be vulnerable to disruptions and threats. That protection may need to be provided by an external company.

Paul Hinman, Vice President of Liptak Dental Services, discusses this in the video below.

“The plan for the technology is your dental office should incorporate back-up, training, support, planning for the future. Technology needs frequent and regular maintenance. Your software requires support and maintenance.”

Lessons learned:

  • If you use off-the-shelf or open source PM or EHR software, consider software protection to protect your dental practice.
  • Dental service information technology companies assist with regular software maintenance and updates.
  • Dental offices run more effectively and efficiently with proper hardware and software.

Hinman, Paul (2012, July 13). How to keep your digital system safe. Dental Products Report. Retrieved 11-10-2012 from