Consultants and Meaningful Use for Dentists

Careington International is one of the largest dental organizations in the US. And in October, they announced that they were partnering with consultants (iMedicor) to qualify and attest for meaningful use. The program is called Easier Than Pulling Teeth (ETPT) and is intended for dentists who have over 30% Medicaid patients. The meaningful use compliance stage will involve training providers, software adoption and usage, and attestation paperwork.

Why would such a large organization use consultants?

“‘With all of the confusion and misinformation in the healthcare market regarding the selection of electronic records systems and qualifications for Medicaid dentists, our alliance with iMedicor will add clarity and lead to a significant increase in the amount of incentive funds being distributed to the dental community.’ said Greg Rudisill, Careington senior VP of strategic partnerships.”

Consultants can reduce time, stress and information hunting during this time of software and incentive transition. It may or may not be useful for a particular practice, but Careington’s investment in meaningful use assistance indicates an ROI for them.

Lessons Learned:

  • Qualifying for meaningful use can be confusing to some dental practices.
  • Consultants can ease the stress and transition of selecting and implementing software and/or applying for meaningful use.

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