Patterson enters Dental EHR Market with an eye towards MU

As dentists contemplate the future of their practices and goals for 2013, one key indicator to consider is what the software vendors are doing. And right now, Patterson has made the decision to enter the dental Electronic Health Records market, and to do it with a focus on meaningful use. The use of EHR software and meaningful use reimbursement is even closer on the horizon.

Eaglesoft Clinician is a new dental EHR product certified as an ambulatory EHR that meets meaningful use criteria (when used appropriately). Qualifying for federal incentives is about more than software, as “to qualify for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, more than 30 percent of patient visits in the previous year must be Medicaid based” (Patterson Dental).

Patterson’s entry into certified EHR software is indicative; in 2013, dentists will become EHR experts.


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