Patient Care Improved Using Dentrix, DEXIS and Guru

Patients are happier and more satisfied with anything that improves their visit to the dentist. Dentists are too! So when Dr. Justin Moody discovered this was possible with integrating Dentrix, DEXIS, and Guru, he was elated. Dr. Bill Busch echoes his sentiments.

“Dentrix, DEXIS, and Guru allow the dentist to put together a treatment plan, create a dialogue that patients can understand with X-rays and intraoral camera images, and organize it all in a form that is safely accessible for the office and the patient” (2012).

Using all three software applications together has dramatically improved the way he practices and cares for his patients. Practice management (PM), electronic health records (EHRs), radiography, and education presentation can be accomplished for each patient’s visit.

According to Dr. Moody,

“Technology that makes patients feel special, and that’s what keeps them coming back. In my office, all of this is achieved with the connection between practice management, digital radiography, and case presentation systems that seamlessly interact to make tasks easier for my team, my patients, and me” (2011).

Dentrix practice management software allows scheduling within the clinical EHR. All of the necessary information to organize and document in the patient’s records, view x-rays, treatment plan, and process payments can be accomplished. Patients also have online access to view their accounts and pay online.

DEXIS is the digital imaging software. Images and pictures can be taken safely, seamlessly, painlessly, and quickly with the digital sensor. The patient has more time with the dentist instead of waiting for x-rays to be processed the traditional way.

Guru is patient education presentation software that allows the dentist to upload the patient’s actual radiography images to more effectively document dental issues that is personalized. Patients receive diagnosis, descriptions and treatment plans with more confidence as well as being actively involved throughout the visit. Dentists can walk a patient through the presentation during the visit. Patients can also view their case presentation through email or by logging on to the website. The overall dental practice is more streamlined in providing dental care.

Lessons learned:

  • Integrated practice management, electronic health records, radiography, and education presentation software assists patient care.
  • For one dentist, Dentrix, DEXIS, and Guru working effectively together present a more thorough examination for the patient and improved diagnosis.

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