Mobile Apps for Dentists & What the Dentrix Marketplace means

Dentists are embracing apps and mobile access to software. Last month, very quietly, Dentrix launched a new service where mobile applications for dental software will be available. Following the model of several other organization, Dentrix made a software API public and set up processes for people to submit apps that would work with Dentrix software. The Dentrix Marketplace is one such sign of dental technology forward-thinking. This single source for getting Dentrix G5 apps, books and training expects a dental community using and embracing mobile technology. As far as we know, Dentrix is the first dental software company to do such a thing. The goal is for Dentrix G5 to run other integrated software within its central application.

Like Apple, Dentrix is encouraging developers to work with their data structures to produce useful apps that consumers want. Will this make Dentrix even stronger in the market, by working with potential competitors?

“Dozens of developers are already participating in the Dentrix Developer Program, which provides tools to develop and certify products that integrate with Dentrix G5,” said Steve Roberts, director of product management of Henry Schein Practice Solutions. “Dentrix MarketPlace is the final element in this program. Developers now have a large, one-stop shop to deliver their integrated apps directly to the growing base of Dentrix G5 users.”

Will we see more and more Dentrix Development partners, and more and more functionality added to Dentrix products?


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