Saving Money and Time by Training the Trainer

Larger dental practices looking to install, upgrade or change dental software will have many people who will be in similar roles throughout the organization. Whether becoming a paperless office, changing practice management or imaging systems or transitioning to a new vendor for software, the implementation and change must be managed to reduce disruption and increase efficiency. But what strategy can larger practices or networked dental offices use to reduce time and money spent on training?

If you are a large enough organization, there is opportunity to save money by using  the “Train the Trainer” approach. With a smaller practice, typically the vendor will train each staff person individually depending on their roles. However, in a larger organization there can be multiple people in similar roles. So a most cost-effective way to accomplish training can be to designate a few people as the software experts in the organization. These people attend vendor training and become software experts.

In turn, those individuals are responsible for training additional staff that need to work with the system. This saves money in two ways. First, it takes less time for the vendor to train a smaller group of professionals, so that saves money. And, once the internal people are trained and can train additional team members, then there is no need to call upon the vendor and be charged each time a new person comes on board.


Michael Uretz is a thirty-year healthcare IT veteran and nationally-recognized Electronic Health Records (EHR) and healthcare software expert.