Connectathon Invites Dentists for the First Time

Healthcare IT’s biggest interoperability event has been going on since 1999, and for the first time, Connectathon invited dentists to join in 2014.  This means dental vendors can test interoperability among dental systems in a conference environment, but it also means that dental vendors can test health information exchange outside dental software and into healthcare software.

 “The goal is for dentists to have the ability to exchange diagnostic digital dental images and patient data security with other healthcare entities no matter the type of software or systems, the ADA noted.”
From 2014 onwards, dental software will be part of healthcare information exchange. During the week-long conference, the focus is on imaging software and interoperability, particularly including any relevant standards. Dental vendors are interested and planning to attend. Dentists can expect increasing interoperability between systems as this initiative continues.
For more information, visit the Connectathon site.
Lessons Learned:
  • In healthcare, interoperability has been a standard expectation since 1999. Vendors who don’t participate aren’t competitive.
  • Dental software has only recently begun to focus on interoperability.
  • From 2014 on, dental software can be tested at Connectathon for interoperability with other dental software and with healthcare software. This can improve treatment, referrals and allow dental data to inform healthcare practitioners.
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