Selecting XLDent as a General Dentist

When Dr. Westfall tried out software for her dental practice, she found many of the available options to be “clunky and divisive.” Her goal was to become a paperless practice, and so she kept on looking. After reviewing available products, she selected XLDent’s practice management and clinical software for her general dentistry practice. XLDent is a web-based dental software company that offers practice management, clinical charting and imaging software, along with other services.

Dr. Westfall’s practice uses a wide range of XLDent software and services, in particular incorporating the tablet-based and instant messenger capabilities and services to enable rapid information exchange and updates. Online, electronic prescriptions and a secure patient portal have also streamlined communication and increased speed.

Dr. Westfall’s experience highlights the need to demo and explore software during selection. Workflow should be enabled by dental software, and tracking and displaying information should fit within daily practice. Not only did Dr. Westfall preview and test several different types of software, but she also involved her team in the process–people with different tasks and responsibilities will have different reactions to software. By involving her whole team and discussing their experience, the practice was able to get a holistic view.

Another excellent tip that can be gleaned from Dr. Westfall is to know your goal. Her goal was to select software that enabled a paperless office and worked for the whole team. Knowing your top selection criteria enables focus on the relevant features and needs, as opposed to getting dazzled or distracted by software that has great functions, but not day-to-day functionality in a particular practice.

Lessons Learned:

  • Trial several different vendor software with the whole team and compare experiences.
  • Know your top selection criteria before contacting vendors.
  • Focus on day-to-day functionality and tasks when evaluating software.

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