April 12 – Dental Software Advisor Webinar

The Dental Software Industry is Rapidly Changing

April 12th, 2013

With advances in software technology it’s a new world for the dental software industry. Practice Management systems are being replaced with more user friendly systems with increased cash flow and patient management capabilities. Basic dental charting software is being replaced with more sophisticated electronic records system with such features as treatment planning and protocols, clinical alerts, and electronic prescribing. And, of course, most this technology is becoming Web or Cloud based… All so confusing!!!

Whether you plan on replacing your Practice Management system, moving towards electronic records based on upcoming federal mandates, or just interested where dental software is going, this introductory webinar is a must.

Mike Uretz, presenter and long time software expert, advises that, “Armed with the right information, tools and support, effectively incorporating a software strategy into your practice, can be painless and productive.” Mike advises that dental practices should get answers to a number of questions before purchasing new or replacement practice management or electronic records software:

In this FREE Online seminar, in the comfort of your home or office, we’ll teach you how to navigate including:

  • How can you evaluate software systems and select an appropriate software vendor without wasting valuable time and effort?
  • How do you know you’re really getting the best price from your vendor?
  • How can you avoid one-sided contracts that put everything in the vendor’s favor?
  • What are the facts about Web-based and Cloud- hosted dental software?
  • How can you assure a successful implementation?
  • How can you guarantee your vendor will take care of your problems or issues?
  • What is all the buzz of a Federal electronic records mandate?

The speaker will share:
Insider tips on Practice Management and Electronic Records evaluation, purchase, implementation, and vendor management to help you level the playing field.

Dental practices should take full advantage of the software lessons learned by physicians and practice managers over the past decade. With that knowledge, you can take control and assure your present and future software success.

For additional information:
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