Henry Schein in the Cloud: Dentrix Ascend

Henry Schein has taken the plunge. With over 25,000 users of their practice management system, Henry Schein has decided to utilize the cloud with Dentrix Ascend. This is a brand new product. Their beta version was announced at the Chicago Midwinter conference. Using the cloud allows Henry Schein to  integrate services and data across locations, work stations and providers while adhering to role-based HIPAA standards, and to allow dentists to use any operating system they wish.

Like other cloud computing dental software, Dentrix Ascend will use a monthly subscription model. At the moment, practices can apply to be an early adopter and inform the development of features and tools.

Other cloud-based dental software include Curve Hero, Dentisoft, Umbie DentalCare, Planet DDS, QSI Dental and Dental Symphony, among others.

Is cloud-based dental software right for you? Check out some thoughts and considerations here.

Lessons Learned:

  • One of the largest dental practice management software companies has added a cloud-based offering.
  • Many smaller companies have cloud-based dental software.
  • Dentrix Ascend will be available later this year.