Dental EHRs as enablers of personalized periodontal care

As analysis of individual genomes becomes more prevalent, healthcare must learn to absorb and utilize the data from relevant genes. Interleukin Genetics’ partnership with Renaissance Health Service Corporation (RHSC, a dental insurance provider) for periodontal risk screening is one such advance. The genetic test will assist in the identification and treatment of patients who are especially prone to severe periodontitis for preventative care.

Electronic health records for dental care are crucial to using and interpreting this kind of data. Genetic data must be paired with the diagnoses. EHRs with personalized information not only enables appropriate screening and treatment, but the data for analytic databases to “slice and dice” all this information. Dentists can then show the results of personalized care.

With appropriate data records, patients can have truly personalized periodontal care, and dentists can offer the most advanced care available.

Lessons Learned:

  • Technology exists for genetic testing around periodontal risk and risk factors.
  • Dentists can customize treatment based on this knowledge.
  • Patients are increasingly interested in holistic, personalized healthcare.

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