How to take control of your software implementation

Remember when you’re affable salesperson told you how the company’s software was easy to implement, that its implementation teams were the best, and that there would be no disruption in your practice while you installed the new software?

Remember the last time it snowed in July? Whether you are upgrading your present vendor’s software or purchasing a new system, chances are your implementation will not go as smoothly as you would like. And why do these bad implementations occur time and time again? Is it the fault of your software vendor? Yes. Is it your fault? Yes. Truth is, there is no one party to blame, because usually both sides fall short in the implementation game.

But after having provided oversight on numerous implementations of administrative and clinical software over the years, I can tell you with assurance that if you take control of the process, hold the vendor accountable for its work, and commit to addressing your responsibilities during implementation, you can actually be successful, avoid interruption in your practice, and keep your staff happy during this process.

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