Cloud Imaging: One Example

Integrating X-rays and images into the dental EHR is a key user need. Dentists do not have the time or desire to open multiple applications and switch between them. Some dental software integrates images from many sources, often using the DICOM imaging standard. The video below demonstrates how one dental practice management and electronic health record software, Planet DDS’s Denticon, integrates images directly into the dentists’ view. In a discussion with Planet DDS, Chae Kim, IT Director, explains how Denticon software uses and views images.

This video also discusses another software feature that Planet DDS has incorporated: cloud storage of images at sizes suitable for diagnosis. This enables mobile and cross-platform viewing of images, and requires extra technical steps (file compression, separate storage, and access protocols). This access enables dentists who are traveling, or away from the office, to make judgment calls and review cases.

Imaging in the cloud is a technology that will only increase in usage and sophistication. At the edge of this trend are software companies who are implementing tools for dentists to diagnose, schedule and make business decisions.


Lessons Learned:

  • Dentists should select software with integrated imaging.
  • Cloud-based access to images can increase ease of access, particularly for mobile access, and paired with tablets can enable discussion with patients.
  • Imaging vendors must provide SDKs to software vendors, who should be using standards (like DICOM) to store images.