Brightsquid Offers Online Case Collaboration and Tracking

Electronic referrals that share patient images and information need to be conducted through HIPAA-secure channels. In the digital era, referrals should also contain all of the information another dentist needs for diagnosis. High-quality images that enable diagnosis and detailed discussion are a prerequisite for electronic referral and treatment collaboration. In addition, cloud-based software should enable easy access and communication from multiple devices and locations. There are a few products that enable secure, high-resolution images in electronic referrals.

Cloud-based software to communicate this information can be used within a single practice, particularly a group practice, or between a specialist and the patient’s general dentist. Built-in workflow and collaborative tools can allow for the development of treatment plans and the identification of necessary implants. It can also reduce delays and improve relationships with other dentists, as phone calls can often disrupt the day’s schedule or take place in the evening, away from the office.

What does this software look like? For dentists considering electronic communication tools, the following demonstration will provide context for how data can be securely shared in a way that encourages collaboration. A software feature of particular interest is the ability to annotate images, allowing for discussions between clinicians. Developing treatment plans and securely coordinating dental work across providers can be much faster and easier through cloud-based, collaborative platforms.

In addition, cases can be securely shared with dental laboratories, and tracked throughout the manufacturing process. The software is by Brightsquid, and Michael Uretz interviews the CEO Rohit Joshi to discuss the software features and demonstrate how it works.


Lessons Learned:

  • Electronic referrals need to be HIPAA-compliant. Almost no email is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Annotation of patient images, commenting features and the ability to share cases and information enables in-the-cloud collaboration.
  • Brightsquid’s electronic referral software includes high-quality images, collaborative tools and secure data transmission.