XLDent Integrates DoseSpot for ePrescribing

Electronic prescriptions are one of the most important benefits of EHRs for dentists. The number of dentists using eRX is expected to increase drastically over the next few years.

Dental Software Advisor has written about the benefits of ePrescribing before, and it is worth reiterating the importance of this necessary feature:

The ADA has called out the need for stronger terminology and standards around ePrescribing, particularly to reduce medication errors and delays. However, to date, few dental software products have offered  eprescription features. The reduced liability alone using drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction features is a game changer.

One of the most important features of a good eRX system,  is integration with a sophisticated medication database. Lexicomp is a standard for the dental industry, with comprehensive dental-focused content. Because knowledge about drugs and conditions changes across studies, years and patient populations, Lexicomp provides a clearinghouse for current clinical information about drug interactions, clinical data, lesions and prescriptions.

As an example of dental eRX, XLDent has partnered with DoseSpot . Directly integrated into the XLDent software, the eprescription tool includes a patient’s medication history (from all clinicians, including medical specialists), preferred pharmacy, any known medication allergies, and integrates directly with Lexicomp. In the following demonstration, an overview of DoseSpot illustrates the top features and what they look like.

Lessons Learned:

  • ePrescribing reduce errors, improves care and save time.
  • ePrescribing provides for a more efficient clinical workflow
  • ePrescribing can reduce liability
  • Software vendors such as XLDent are partnering with ePrescribe vendors such as DoseSpot to provide end to end solutions.


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